Setting up Remote Repo
setting up git remote Repo
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3. Click on EC2
4. Click on Launch Instance
5. Select Ubuntu
6. Select Free Tier t2 micro
7. Configure Instance Details
8. Add Storage if you need it
9. Add a tag if you want to
10. Launch your instance
11. Create a key pair and make sure to save it somewhere safe. You won’t be able to replace it.
12. Launch the instance. Done!, Now we can ssh to this instance
__| __|_ ) _| ( / Amazon Linux AMI ___|\___|___|
chmod 400 key.pem
ssh -i key.pem [email protected] // get piblic ip of system
# exit from server now we are able to ssh to remote server
# now add local public key to server [Important step]
cat ~/.ssh/ | ssh -i key.pem [email protected] "cat>> .ssh/authorized_keys"
ssh -i key.pem [email protected]
# enter to the remote system console
mkdir app.git
cd app.git
git init --bare
So not much going on here, all we do is create an empty repository and then leave. Now, on the local machine, you do something like the following:
Access remote repo :
.ssh > git clone ssh://[email protected]/home/ec2-user/app.git
Cloning into 'myproject'...
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.
Checking connectivity... done.
git:(master) git remote -v
origin ssh://[email protected]/home/ec2-user/app.git (fetch)
origin ssh://[email protected]/home/ec2-user/app.git (push)
Create POST Receive Hook
Crate POST receive push Hook
chmod +x hooks/post-receive
chmod +x hooks/post-receive
git checkout -f
cd /home/ec2-user/myproject
sudo npm install
forever start app.js
Here we go.. we are able to setup bare repo on server and accessing it from application containers.
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